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Our Projects

The AOHT is in the planning, pilot, or execution stage of various projects that target our key priority areas. Click on the individual projects below to learn more about how the AOHT is supporting the health of Algoma residents.

Healthy Aging


Early Frailty Identification

This project aims to embed an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in the system. The goal is to allow providers to identify frailty.

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Coordinated Access to Geriatric Services

This project aims to achieve seamless access to services for frail older adults improve the coordination of care by using existing technologies

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Outpatient Geriatric Rehabilitation

The goal of this project is to direct patients who are at risk for falls, or who have fallen, to a singular rehabilitation access point.

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Conditions Better Managed in the Community

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Caregiver ID

The Caregiver ID program was first piloted in Algoma in 2020. This Ontario Caregiver Organization program empowers caregivers navigating the healthcare system.

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Community Wellness Bus

The Community Wellness Bus is a form of primary care outreach.  This program meets individuals in the community where they are.

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Cervical Screening Clinics

This clinic series was a collaboration between three Algoma primary care organizations. The aim was to increase screening for those without providers.

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Digital Health


Digital Health

The aim of this project is to put in place digital health technologies that can help promote integrated care in Algoma. Projects include.

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